Effective 07/01/2010


Our commitment to your privacy


Your privacy is important to us. To better protect your privacy we provide this notice explaining our online information practices. To ensure transparency in our privacy policies, this notice is provided as a link from every location on our website.


Information we collect about you:


The only information we collect about any visitors is via e-mail from the associated e-mail link on the contact us page. The information collected may include your personal address as well as the address of the property in question, should they not be the same. Additionally, your phone number and e-mail address are requested to facilitate timely communication, and will never be utilized for marketing or released to anyone outside of Norman Gardner Services. Address information is solely used for purposes directly related to your inquiry, and will never be provided to any third party unless specifically and expressly requested by you.


The information collected is not stored in any online means, and as such is not susceptible to unauthorized access


Should you have any questions relating to our privacy policy or how we may use the information you provide us on our webpage, please contact us at (386) 439-9839 or e-mail us at customerservice@normangardnerservices.com.

Flagler Fire Text

Flagler Fire

Wildfires can cause major environmental, social and economic damages. The loss of timber, wildlife habitat, homes and even lives may result from a devastating wildfire. The wildfire that does not start is the one that does not have to be fought.