Vacant Properties

Every year homes are damaged as a result of wildfires. We have both the tools and knowledge to bring your vacant property under control. Regular brush mowing and trimming can reduce wildfire hazards while improving the appearance of your property and the neighborhood it resides in.


We provide mitigation services to hundreds of area property owners from across the nation. Our customer satisfaction level has resulted in a great demand for scheduled care of their investments. It would be our pleasure to welcome you to the group of owners who have decided to ensure the proper maintenance of their valuable Palm Coast property.



Our state of the art laser technology makes precision concerns obsolete. To assist in any clean up needs we have a 12 yard trailer, insuring your needs are met quickly and with ease.


We can bring your dreams to reality and make your nightmares a thing of the past!


Our services include: House pads, monolithic slab grades, stem-wall fills, driveways, sidewalks, drainage culverts, final grades, roadside swales, and more.


Vacant Properties

We offer a variety of services to the residential and commercial construction industry. From complete grading services to culvert installation, we are your one-stop shop!


Our services for commercial applications include monolithic slab grades, culvert installation, landscape grades, job site clean-up, and debris removal. Our residential capabilities include house pads, monolithic slab grades, stem-wall fills, driveway / sidewalk, drainage culverts, final grades, roadside swales, site clean-up, and debris removal.


Residential and commercial contractors turn to us for their grading and jobsite clean-up needs.


You can find several examples of our work by visiting the gallery section of our web site.

Flagler Fire Text

Flagler Fire

Wildfires can cause major environmental, social and economic damages. The loss of timber, wildlife habitat, homes and even lives may result from a devastating wildfire. The wildfire that does not start is the one that does not have to be fought.